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Fitness industry now a day VS How it should be?

August 6, 2018

Hello friends as a sports dietician and a fitness enthusiast myself I want to share a topic, “How fitness industry should be v/s how It is right now.”

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So, as we all know right now most of the person who comes to gym for the very first time, they are either inspired by Bollywood celeb like Salman, Amir, or Hritik or they are inspired by people who are having big muscles.

But let’s think about it one more time. Is it actually feasible to look like them in just 12 months? Don’t think much, your sense will immediately say NO.

Fitness is very vast and big concept than mere muscle building. It is about to stay happy and healthy with your family at the age of 50 or 60 without having chronic diseases like diabetes, heart strokes, or cancer which is very common these days in India specially.

Fitness is about enjoying the same amount of food at your 50 or 60’s like you did in your 20’s. Fitness is about to do all sort of activities, which you love to do. i.e. Swimming, cycling, running, kicking, dancing, weight lifting, trekking or climbing the mountain.

There is no certain definition for fitness. But, yes if we want to put in one line we can say that, any activity that you do which involves any component of fitness is called being fit. Either it can be Cardio-vascular endurance, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility, Agility and so on.

How can you do it?

Simple three things

  • Exercise
  • Balanced diet
  • Rest

I know many of you are thinking we already know this but how many of you are actually doing this?

It takes time and efforts to do something extra than regular work. 1 hour of fitness, 1 hour of healthy meal preparations and 7-8 hours of sleep takes 10 hours from 24 hours.

Are you willing to invest time in fitness for you and your family? If yes, stay tuned for next topic of the blog, which will be ‘Exercise in detail.’

Thank you for reading this and remember.

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