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CB Patel Health Club
Experience the ‘MORE’

Are you someone who loves metabolic madness? C B Patel Health Club is the place for fitness enthusiasts and beginners who aspire a healthy transformation that is both sustainable and rewarding. We aim for a Stronger, Younger and a Fitter Surat and make the city ride on high energy through life-changing fitness experiences.

Fitness designer is the apt title to attach to our name. Hence, when you step into our gigantically built health club, you get transported to a world of the finest fitness etiquette. We promise you’ll adore this place and crave to be here. It is time you commit yourself to a well-toned, chiselled, fit and functional body and beat your goals all while luxuriously losing yourself in your city’s high-end fitness club.

Bringing worldly fitness experiences on

one platform for a powerful Surat.

Deep Patel, CEO

Who Rolled the Ball

“We have dreamt big. As a fitness enthusiast, I believe, it is not the number of crunches that count but the enhanced level of endurance that keeps one high throughout the day. C B Patel Health Club houses the worldly fitness experiences inspired by my avid traveling. For a stronger, younger and fitter Surat, we dish out the luxurious wellness and fitness hub under one roof.”

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It will be our constant endeavor to make

fitness a priority of every Surati’s life.

Anita Singh, Manager

Who Runs the Show

“C B Patel Health Club is the fitness haven for all those who wish to pursue a healthy lifestyle with a lavish touch. I am a certified fitness coach, a state level athlete and have been into the fitness field since last 12 years. Being physically fit should be the priority of every individual, especially women. I encourage everyone to make fitness an inevitable part of their life.”

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Take a Virtual Tour of our Health Club

It’s just a glimpse of our fitness grandeur and the dynamic services we offer to
elevate your gym experience and awaken the fitness enthusiast in you.

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We told You
Everything is MORE here!

Life gets larger than your imagination when you are at C B Patel Health Club. Gear up to experience:

  • 2,00,000 sq.ft. Area
  • Half Olympic-size Swimming Pool
  • Technogym ARTIS Range Equipment
  • Pilates Training Studio
  • Personal Coaching
  • Health Cafe